About HHS

What are high heeled standards anyway?

Well, for me, high standards represent what is morally and ethically right – and how we deal with the gray matter in between. High standards mean excellence in creativity and innovation. High standards speak to personal life achievement.

I named this blog High Heeled Standards because I am passionate about the interaction of two concepts that are still regarded — even in our millennial years! — as diametrically oppositional: femininity and high performing intelligence. You can say you believe logically that women can do the same work as men. And yet, all around me, I see evidence that challenges the fruition of that kind of equality. I would love nothing better than to take the red high heel of this blog to shattering notions that continue to support the inevitable glass ceiling women still hit.  At the same time, I am in awe of what individuals can accomplish — regardless of the gender of their genius.

At times tongue-in-cheek, at times deadly serious, you’ll find my writing here to be a reflection of my own experiences and observations in business, technology and life. I welcome your contributions too – your feedback and engagement in the conversation will make our journey more interesting.

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