Who’s gonna make America great again? We are.

Photo courtesy of ColleenSimon/OpenSource

She’s a mother of three. A business woman. A convert to Judaism. A photogenic beauty. Tall, thin, blonde, she is the embodiment of the perfect woman – doing it all in high heels and a feminine style. And I’m pretty sure she can do anything a man can do – backwards, and in those designer heels.

Donald Trump’s “secret weapon”.

Ivanka Trump.

If there’s anyone who will help smooth Trump’s rough edges, tame his flippant  attitude, and explain away his sometimes thoughtless comments – it is his daughter, Ivanka.

Disclaimer: I am not a Trump advocate. I’m not a Hillary advocate either. I’m an equal opportunity observer.

Here’s the thing I think about when Ivanka says we should understand Trump’s passion and commitment and direct, shoot-from-the-hip oratory: hmmmm….she may have a point there.

I’m going to come right out and say it. I too have been judged for being “direct” in my communications. Is it my German heritage showing? Or maybe it’s the fact that as a single working mother with two simultaneously aging parents and a brain that quickly swirls through the facts to cut out the bullshit, I simply have not had the time or patience for circular conversations or pompous rhetoric that suck the life out of me and everyone else and wastes everyone’s time towards getting things done.

Say what you mean to say. Period.

Wouldn’t it all be easier if we could toss away the political rhetoric and positioning in our conversations at work and just say what we mean? Would we offend someone somewhere sometime? Yup. (I have.) Could we talk about what offended us or what we misunderstood?  (My door’s open.) Hey! Here’s a concept: YES, we could talk about it.  Would we get to results more quickly? Absolutely. Would America leap to the TOP of the World Economic Forum’s most innovative countries list? My Magic Eight Ball says “it is decidedly so.”

Today we interact globally and with more variations in personalities, culture, business acumen than at any other time in history. I have a theory: The more time and energy we spend pontificating, the less we are understood by people outside of our own culture, country, history, profession, business. The less we are understood, the longer it takes and the harder it is to move forward.

I just want us to move forward. And I think I’ve finally found the woman to get us there.

I’m voting for Ivanka Trump.

A nod to Plain Speaking….

The Washington columnist Mary McGrory once wrote,

” Since Harry Truman left town almost nobody has spoken his mind. Mr. Truman took the tradition of plain speaking back to Missouri with him.”



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