Making His WAYFARE in the World Today

This week’s millennial:  Meet John Glagola, owner and founder of The Wayfare Baker.

I met John this weekend at the Trexlertown Farmer’s Market in Pennsylvania, and it was a lucky find. His pure ingredients and skilled craftsmanship turned out some of THE best bread I have ever had. Kayla Meyer [] even approved a purchase of Sprouted Spelt Bread that contains wheat flour, spelt flour, water, sprouted spelt berries, natural starter and salt.  I enjoyed my coffee this morning  with slices of John’s Chocolate Bread.  Crisp crust surrounding an airy texture evokes memories of old-world fully hand-crafted treats made by my German grandmother.  These are breads that stand on their own – no butter, no jelly, no toasting required (although any of these enhance the enjoyment of the bread.)

Artisan bread is actually easier to digest, because the enzymes have had time to begin breaking down the gluten in the flour while fermenting. And you can take time to savour it too – as a rule of thumb, the longer the production process, the longer its shelf life will be.

John’s vision takes him to a new location about every six months – in the true wayfare tradition.  The Wayfare Baker uses community kitchens and collaborates with local artisans to share the craft and to set up bread shares – where customers buy a set number of loaves per week.

The Wayfare Baker
The Wayfare Baker at the Trexlertown Farmer’s Market [Aug 17 2015]

The idea of the Wayfare Baker is to travel to different towns, cities, and countries expanding the Wayfare community by bringing the knowledge and craftsmanship of artisan sourdough bread baking. And with the growth of this community; through good bread, and the knowledge of how it is made, we are able to share, learn and enjoy it together.

John Glagola, the owner and founder of the Wayfare Baker, began his studies at the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park.  He learned his craft through an apprenticeship with the grandfather of artisanal bread baking in the US, Richard Bourdon, of Berkshire Mountain Bakery. He has also worked for Chef Barbara Lynch and Renee Becker in Boston and has toured Europe traveling, cooking and baking.

Pursuing a life of meaning .  .  . and career with his own purpose in mind.  That’s John Glagola. Follow him on Facebook and check out his events calendar to see where he’ll be selling his craft and sharing his story.  Kudos for taking the road less traveled, John!

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