Lookin’ Fab at Yoga Class I Am!

NOTHING inspires me to exercise more than a new outfit.  (Yes, I really am that lame.  Don’t judge.)

So – I stumbled into this site “Fabletics.com” that is both stylin’ for the gym and CHEAP.  (Okay – I didn’t stumble.  I was pushed by my 22 year old daughter, the fitness queen of blondeshavemorerun.com.)  And – get this!   – for $25 you get a complete exercise outfit – in cool colors and just your size.

Fabletics is co-owned by Kate Hudson (another cute blonde).  And it is a legit business.  But – as with anything you buy online or in stores – read all the print before you buy.  By making your first purchase at more than 50% off the regular price, you become part of Fabletics VIP Program (and who doesn’t want to be a VIP?  huh??).  Being a VIP means that Fabletics will hand-pick an outfit for you every month

  • Receive Personalized Outfits on the 1st
  • Review Your Outfits by the 5th
  • Skip Any Month, No Obligation to Buy – this means take action by the 5th of every month or you will be charged $49.95 on the 6th.
  • Simple.

You just have to pay attention.  For those that don’t like managing a purchase every month, opt out of VIP.

Full disclosure:  I have seen some complaints that this is a scam.  Well – I guess anything can be a scam if you don’t read the “fine print” (which – actually is in quite a nice size font on the Fabletics website).

My vote?  Let’s face it, Kate’s pretty stylish.  She can pick my workout attire anytime!    I had a good experience – and – hey – if nothing else, I’m motivated to hit the gym again!  Maybe monthly outfits is really all I need to stay in shape!  LOL.

I’m ready to share the love.  Check it out yourself – Fabletics – it’s kind of – well – FAB.

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