Nothing Like the Truth!

I’m a sucker for online ads.  You know – the ones where the internet marketing geniuses identify who you are and what you’re hankering for and then spin it up in front of your very eyes the next time you are on Facebook, You Tube or AOL.  So, last week I followed a link to what promised to be the most comfortable bra experience ever.

Cynical.  THAT’S what I was.

Now?  I’m bubbling over with enthusiasm for what True&Co represents – and wanting to shout, “Hire me please!  I love your product idea and I want to be a part of your success!”  I mean – who is going to argue with a marketing concept that says their ideal is for every woman to feel comfortable in their own skin??  This resonated with me on more than one level.


Truth is, how we look, how we present ourselves in public always matters.  But – seriously now – how many MEN do you know that have the clothing challenges we women have?  And undergarments are an important part of that presentation.

Truth is, I have sat in meetings, uncomfortably tugging at my bra straps.  I have carefully packed and re-packed for a trip making sure that the bras in my case (1) don’t reveal too much (2) cannot be seen thru my tops and (3) won’t have me in pain when worn for 18 hours straight. My daughter-in-law is a gorgeous, past model, now restaurant manager with an impossibly challenging bra size issue (F).  At 28, she wants to look feminine, gorgeous and be comfortable.  But just finding her size in a decent bra with support is challenging.  My youngest daughter, the personal trainer, wishes she was more endowed.  Finding that exercise bra that makes her look great at the gym is worth a solid investment for her.

Truth is, we spend a lot of time finding the right “foundational” garments.

Truth is, I was inspired to buy.

Truth?  Here’s what to expect.  Trustworthy, personalized results without driving to the mall to those other lingerie stores.

  • Take the Quiz.  This is designed not only to help identify your needs, but also to provide advice on how to care for or use your bras for optimal performance.
  • Your Personal Style is defined for you by your the quiz.  The quiz takes only 5 minutes.
  • In stock results in your size are offered to you.
  • If you spend $50, shipping is free.  (Who hasn’t spent $50 on bras in one clip??)
  • If you refer a friend and the friend also buys, you each get $15 off your order.  (So – my daughter-in-law who is raising a 5 year old, just bought a house with her wife – my daughter –  and is tight on money, got two bras for $85. Free shipping.)
  • Try before you buy with Home Try On – available once per customer.  Provide a credit card and return your items within 5 days to avoid a charge.
  • Free no-hassle returns within 30 days.

Truth is, True&Co.’s True Story, is a perfect fit for me.  [Pun intended.]

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